Autumn: Woodpecker & Maple

Woodpecker and Maple

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In autumn in the north the trees don the most glorious plumage; so many of them shed the green of summer for a riotous display of color that gladdens the heart and delights the senses—even though we know winter can not be far behind.

One of the showiest northern backyard birds is the woodpecker with its vibrant black and white wings, and just a hint of red to brighten his head. We seldom notice him in that ephemeral moment as he lights on a branch. His wings stop flapping and he pauses for the briefest instant just before folding them onto his back, hiding their spectacular pattern and color. I have attempted to capture this glorious bird in that fleeting moment of dazzling display.

Our woodpecker is lighting on a maple branch, with its leaves in full fall color; his black and white coloration a perfect contrast to the blazing leaves.