Summer Topiary

Summer Topiary

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The joyous colors of summer are employed to interpret this winsome topiary, the fourth in a series of botanical creations that were conceived to celebrate the seasons of the year. The centerpiece of the design is a coral water lily, and its delicate hue is enhanced by pale blue pincushion flowers in its complimentary hue. Strawberries, the consummate summer fruit further enhance this design, and they are joined by other typical summer flowers: verbena, bleeding hearts, scavola, astilbe, and blue-violet centered African daisies. A whimsical plaid ribbon completes this joyful rendition.

The topiary is planted in a Grecian urn, so popular in today’s flower design and all are further embellished by a perky plaid ribbon.

Summer us the time of abundance with joyous flowers enriching our lives. How would I express this riot of color and form in my topiary series? After many starts I settled on a color scheme that subtly suggests the Fourth of July—not flagrantly, but just a slight hint of America’s celebration of freedom and liberty. And why not fete the world’s oldest ongoing democracy? The ribbons even suggest the flag.

Stitches include the designer’s personal favorite, Criss Cross Hungarian, Rhodes hearts, Lazy Daisy with bullions, Cretan, fly, Chinese knots, French knots, Rumanian, Satin, and a number of variations of Gobelin.

Threads include Soie d’Alger, Soie Mori, Soie platte, overdyed floss, Splendor, Flair, Opalescence, Hi-lights, Kreiniks metallics, DMC rayon floss, and Nordic Gold.