Tiny Topiary

Tiny Topiary

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Tiny Topiary was designed for The Embroiderers’ Guild of America as a complimentary pattern in conjunction with their Designers Across America series. It is not a teaching piece per se.

The flowers of the topiary are whimsical rather than real and are created with canvaswork stitches which readily lend themselves to floral themes.

The basket is gold work—gold braid couched in a pattern. The streamers are diaphanous and shimmery ans worked in a sheer stitch.

Stitches Include: Long Legged French Knot, Round Rhodes, French Knot, Smyrna Cross, Rhodes Heart, Cross Stitch, Diamond Ray, Four Way continental, Alicia Lace, Whipped Back Stitch, Split Gobelin, diaper Pattern couching

  • Time: 2 days
  • Proficiency Level: Low Intermediate
  • Ground Fabric: White Congress Cloth
  • Size of Piece: 6×3½”