My Sister and Me . . .When She Was Three

My Sister and Me

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Stitch these charming children, so reminiscent of life in a bygone era. You can recreate some children you know—yourself and your sister, or yourself and a friend. Perhaps you’d like to render your two daughters in needlepoint, or even your beloved granddaughters. You make this composition your own.

The student will choose the floss colors for the children, selecting appropriate hair colors, as well as the floss for the children’s clothes. Hair styles will be created in class, from the curly heads of the teacher’s design to braids or shiny straight hair. You also choose the appropriate colors for the children eyes.

The small items held by the children are worked on 30 count polyester gauze which is worked prior to coming to class. These are easy to do, and work up quickly.

Finally the background will be filled with beautiful flowers, all created with clever textured stitches in wonderful colors.

This is a fun piece, and one you will love to give, or keep for yourself.

Stitches Include: Fern, Gobelin, Checquer Mosaic, Chinese Knot, Mosaic Ground, Criss Cross Hungarian, Buttonhole Wheels, Bullion Knot, Lazy Daisy, Lazy Daisy with a Bullion, French Knot, Damask, Split Gobelin, Basketweave, Darning, Bokhara Couching

  • Time: 2 days
  • Proficiency Level: Intermediate
  • Kit cost: NA
  • Ground Fabric: White Congress Cloth
  • Size of Piece: 10 x 11 inches