Jean Taggart’s Arctic Santa

Jean Taggart's Arctic Santa

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Santa, with his fluffy polar bear companion, is the epitome of Winter. His opulent quilted coat is richly trimmed with close-napped fur and a silver-banded collar, while his robe shimmers with pale, icy hues, highlighted with silver. Further enhancing his elegant costume are a boldly striped sash and a dark border, overstitched with silver, at the hem of his robe. The frosty Arctic theme is intensified by two sizes of glittering crystal snow flakes, the smaller one adorning his hat and the larger hanging from his silver staff.

As students work this project they will learn to shade with a familiar patterned canvaswork stitch and to use simple straight stitches worked over basketweave to create delicate details, which are otherwise impossible to achieve on 18-count canvas. Special emphasis will be placed on methods of crating different textures of fur and beards. Students will also have the opportunity to couch various materials on canvas, from highly textured yarn for Santa’s beard, to smooth Japanese silver, stiff silver Jaçeron, and even flexible silver chain (the bear’s leash.)

The completed project can be framed or finished as a free-standing figure.

This project is one of Jean Taggart’s final designs and was worked by Gail, and is taught by Gail in her memory.