Lily of the Lake

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The water lily is beautiful flower, fairly common but always enchanting. They evoke the Orient, yet are found around the world.

Lily of the Lake is a single beautiful specimen floating in a tranquil pool of water and accompanied by its characteristic round leaves, unusual and evocative. The lily is rendered in this year’s chosen color, radiant orchid, but it will be attractive for years to come. A beautiful butterfly comes to visit our lily.

The lily petals are worked in a number of canvas stitches, each one chosen to effect a slight bit of perspective in the design. Thus the student will learn to depict foreground and background, by the choice of stitches, plus values of the chosen hue. The lily and its leaves are subtly reflected in the simple darning that depicts the water of the lake.

Framing the lily are two elaborate borders of differing width. Each is carefully constructed of a variety if interesting, and in some cases, challenging canvaswork stitches.

  • Time: 2 days
  • Proficiency Level: Intermediate
  • Kit Fee: $100
  • Ground Fabric: Pale blue congress cloth