Una Porta in Positano

Una Porta in Positano

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No one who visits the Mediterranean can fail to be enchanted by the ancient buildings still in use as homes and shops. The walls are made of a creamy stucco, peeling away in spots to expose the brick work of medieval artisans. The picturesque doors at once invite you in, and protect the occupants from the prying eyes of the throngs of tourists. Often framed by limestone they may be well-tended, highly polished fine wood, or weather-beaten ancient & painted. Ofttime, the shutters are a bright blue or a rich burgundy, serving to complement the tile roofs.

Most charming of all are the multitudes of flowers that flourish in this climate. No house is complete without its blazing complement of summer flowers, usually roses and geraniums and impatiens. They sit in pots on porches and window sills. They tumble down from flower boxes. They climb the stucco walls arching over the doors and reaching toward the windows. They delight the eye and nourish the spirit.

You are invited to stitch this charming door in Positano on the Amalfi coast in Italy. You will create a pleasing piece that will remind you of your own trip—or trip-to-come. And you will learn techniques enabling you to depict a realistic scene, including four fun stitches that turn into flowers.

Stitches Include: Free-form Gobelin, , Buttonhole, Criss Cross Hungarian, Couching, Coil Filling, Long Armed Cross, Bullions, Curved Bullions, Oblique Slav, Smyrna, Romanian, Chinese Knots, French Knots, Buttonhole Triangles, Twisted Knots, Gobelin, Diamond Rhodes

  • Ground Fabric: 24 / inch Cream Congress Cloth
  • Size of Piece: 9×11″