Impression – Everglades

Impression - Evderglades

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Florida and its “river of grass” is so different from any other place in the country. The foliage is lush, with low hanging branches, and exotic looking bushes wherever one looks. Nature’s plantings crowd in with one another, but the ground is boggy and one must take care in stepping, for water is everywhere. And the birds are so glorious—so large and colorful, easily seen even from the roadways, as they wade in shallow streams. They make any outing a birding experience, even for those who think they don’t care.

Impression – Everglades depicts an expansive view of the Everglades, dotted with palms and hammocks, and an occasional quiet pond. It is worked in numerous values of green, and a number of interesting stitches to express the various textures employed. The ponds sparkle in the sunlight, and a glorious roseate spoonbill takes center stage in the design. A hazy sun illuminates the blue, blue sky. All is serene and warm, Impression – Everglades will take you on a little vacation in your imagination.