Heartwood Manor

Hearwood Manor

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A riot of flowers illuminate the verdant English countryside, announcing that spring has arrived. Heartwood Manor depicts a traditional English thatched roof cottage surrounded by its gorgeous gardens ablaze with the bounty of spring. The trees are in full bloom, the gardens at their most radiant, and the wrought iron arbor is heavily laden with rambling roses.

The roof of the main house, and also of its neighbor are expressed with rows and rows of outline stitched, carefully positioned to give the effect of thatching. Two brick pillars flank the entrance to the garden and these support the climbing roses. A stone walls protects the garden, but itself is a backdrop from a myriad of beautiful spring blossoms. A profusion of flowers line the fence and spill out into the yard itself. A stone pathway invites you to enter into this glorious settings.

The student will learn stitches appropriate for depicting flowers of different sizes. Attention will be given to closing appropriate stitches with regard to their placement in the fore-mid, or background of the composition.

Stitches Include: Split Gobelin, Stem/outline, Criss Cross Hungarian, Diamond Cross, Bullion, Mosaic Ground, Round Rhodes, Scotch, Buttonhole, French Knot, Chinese Knot, Cashmere Bricks, Rice, Mosaic, Whipped Back Stitch, Mettler, Flemish Bond, Smyrna, Bokhara Couching

  • Ground Fabric: Congress Cloth
  • Size of Piece: 11×8″