One Last Topiary

One Last Topiary

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For certain, five topiaries were enough. I had exhausted the subject, right? But . . . when I was designing Summer Topiary, what I really wanted was to do sunflowers and poppies in those hot summer colors of yellow and orange, stitched on sage green congress cloth. Unfortunately, sage green congress cloth did not exist, but the muses must have heard my plea, for what goes on the market this year (2002) but sage green congress cloth!

This beautiful new canvas cries out for a design, and so for it I have designed One Last Topiary. This topiary is designed around the hot colors and the showy flowers of the late summertime, when all is in full flower and final ripening. They remind us of the summers of Europe or California. Golden peaches nestle near the center of the design, surrounded by brilliant sunflowers and wispy poppies. Other flowers include trailing verbena, ubiquitous impatiens, spiky butterfly bush, and feathery astilbe.

The arrangement is presented in a pot fashioned after those of the native Americans. The earthen red/orange is the perfect foil for this joyous design.

Threads include Soie d’Alger, Kreinik braids, assorted beads.