O Little Town

O Little Town

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It’s close to midnight and the birth of Mary’s child is imminent. As the holy couple draws near to the tiny town of Bethlehem the hamlet sleeps in the light of one amazing star, and its gleaming rays bathe the town in celestial glow. But there is no room for them in the town so they take refuge outside the walls of the town and the blessed miracle occurs.

Stitch your own little town of Bethlehem, choosing either the mystical blues and violets of the nighttime sky. The sky will reflect the colors of waning daylight ranging from peaches and pinks to the deep indigo of the evening sky—all lit by one wonderful star.

O Little Town may be finished as a medium sized Christmas Stocking approximately 16″ x 10″ or may be framed to hang on the wall. Or . . . the nativity could be eliminated to create a Jerusalem scene for Jewish stitchers.

Stitches Include: Triple Burden, Oblique Slav, Mosaic, Encroaching Gobelin, Lattice Overlay, Diaper Pattern Couching, Leviathan, Bricked Cashmere, Criss Cross Hungarian, Scotch Smyrna, Cross, Wheat Sheaf + Upright Cross, Scotch Blocks, Rhodes, Woven Basket, French Knot, Eyelet, Woven Cross, Split Gobelin, Mini Woven, Fern and Tent.

  • Time: 2 days
  • Proficiency Level: Intermediate
  • Kit cost: $85 (floss ) or $120 (silk)
  • Ground Fabric: 18/inch mono canvas
  • Size of Piece: 16