Tribute to Vincent

Sous le Soleil Arlesien

Tribute to Vincent

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Some years ago I attended an exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago; it was entitled Van Gogh and Gauguin: Studio of the South. Here I became fascinated with Van Gogh’s work, and particularly with his renditions of vases of sunflowers. Van Gogh did several of these, so enthusiastic was he about the abundant sunflowers that grew about this home in Arles France.

Tribute to Vincent is my interpretation of this same theme; it is based on Van Gogh’s work, but is interpreted in needlework. It is also a study in analogous colors, and is a sampler of raised techniques to effect texture. One flower will be worked in detached needleweaving. Another is rendered in bullions. Other stitches are employed to give depth and dimension to the design, all the while working in glorious values of yellow and its analogues.

This cheerful design will hang happily in a summer home, or a Florida room, or can even brighten up a corner in the far north.

Students will bring: 14″ x 14″ stretcher bars, thumb tacks or staple gun for attaching canvas to bars, laying tool of choice, frame weight, table clamp, or floor stand for securing canvas so that both hands are free for working, purple air soluble marking pen, extra tapestry 24 and 26 needles, usual needlework supplies.

  • Time: 2-3 days
  • Proficiency Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Kit cost: $115
  • Ground Fabric: Congress Cloth