Rose Gloria’s Roof Garden

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Come visit the roof garden of Rosalie’s penthouse; it’s the perfect place for a relaxing afternoon. Rosalie has her own magical getaway up on top where she tends her flowers and communes with her own small patch of nature in the sky. Our girl waters her flowers as her cat looks on, both enjoying the clear blue summer sky.

This class teaches several stitches for creating realistic flowers; you will work some bullions roses, plus flowers and greenery made from French knots and Lazy daisies, and several cleverly concocted from needlepoint stitches.

And the student is invited to personalize this design; instead of Rose Gloria the student may bring threads in her own hair color, and to choose her favorite color for the girl’s jacket, thus making each person’s piece unique and personal.

The buildings in the background are mostly stitches in values of gray; certainly they are not the focal point, but they add infinite interest as a background.

  • Time: 2 days
  • Proficiency Level:Low Intermediate & Up
  • Kit Fee: $110
  • Ground Fabric: Congress