Embroidered Letters

Embroidered Letters

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This class is an opportunity to try out lots of different embroidery techniques, while creating the word “Embroider” to hang in your studio. Each letter is written in a different calligraphy “hand” (known today as fonts), and each is worked in a different needlework technique.

The student will experiment with canvaswork, pulled thread, cutwork, surface embroidery, hardanger, whitework, blackwork, Assisi, ribbon embroidery, and more. Each letter is an introduction to that technique, so this class is appropriate for the knowledgeable stitcher who wishes to expand her horizons.

The ground fabrics employed include congress cloth, 32-count linen, and fine cotton batiste, and cotton taffeta. A variety of threads will be used, including Waterlilies, 3 sizes of pearl cotton, cotton floss, and silk ribbon.

In this class the student will be acquainted with basic styles of calligraphy (but no actual writing will be done), and she will learn a lot about embroidery.

  • Time: 4 days
  • Proficiency Level: Intermediate & Up
  • Kit cost: $110
  • Ground Fabric: see description above