The Three Muses of Embroidery

The Three Muses of Embroidery

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Reminiscent of the Three Graces the The Three Muses of Embroidery is a salute to the various forms of needlework. A trio of beautiful young women is portrayed, each clad in flowing robes worked in various embroidery techniques.

The maiden to the left wears a gown created with diaper pattern couching, and her cape is a complex pattern shot with gold. Around her neck she wears a coral heart and her hair is an elaborate “up do”, enhanced with beaded adornments.

The center woman has a glorious gown indeed. It is laden with flowers, in the style of classic crewel embroidery, but these are worked in lovely silken threads. Around her neck she wears an amethyst necklace and her hair is in a modern simple style, a radiant blonde.

The Muse to the right has donned a harlequin robe, with its diamond shapes outlined in gold and filled with values of violet and rose violet. A wide satin band edges this gown, and the Muse wears a bejeweled choker.

The background is worked in the subtlest of pink and lavender overdyed silk, in a subtle darning pattern.

The Muses celebrate the art of embroidery, and inspire today’s needlearts to continue their pursuits.