Une Porte en Provence

Une Porte en Provence

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No one who visits the south of France can fail to be enchanted by the quaint stone homes joyfully bedecked with summer flowers of all kinds. The blossoms flow over in profusion from the many balconies; they tumble from window boxes; they surround the doors and litter the porches. The effect is fabulous, even when one acknowledges that’s it’s for the benefit of the tourists.

Une Porte en Provence celebrates this lovely corner of the world. A simple door to an old stone house is depicted, with the stones worked in 5 values of French silk. A wrought iron lace balcony decorates one of the windows. A wonderful variety of flowers embellish this ancient abode in the window boxes and funny pots that sit about the doorway while a ferocious watch dog stands guard over it all.

The stone face of the house is a challenge in free-form Florentine and the flowers are created with the most beguiling textured stitches. This is a fun piece to work and will get you in the mood to make that visit to France.

Stitches Include: Encroaching Gobelin, Buttonhole, Romanian, Bullion, French Knot, Chinese Knot, Fly, Continuous Cashmere, Criss Cross Hungarian, cup Stitch, Random Straight Stitches for stones, Long Armed Cross, CasalguidiCoral Knot, two pulled thread stitches

  • Ground Fabric: 24/inch congress cloth
  • Size of Piece: 9×11″