Needles & Nibs

Needles and Nibs

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For years I have been involved with an organization called The National Academy of Needlearts (NAN). This group certifies the teachers and judges of the needlearts, and is widely respected throughout the needleart community in this country. I am both a certified teacher and judge and have served on the NAN board of directors for years.

Some time ago I decided to pursue one more certification: Teacher cum Laude. The goal of this certification is to study some other art form, i.e., not needleart, and then integrate it into one’s designs. I chose calligraphy. For seven years I took calligraphy classes and participated in that culture. Finally, I was ready to create my final project for the certification, and Needles & Nibs is the result.

On each page of my accordion book there is an embroidered letter; the letters spell out the word “Needleart.” Each letter is worked in a different technique of embroidery. Each letter is also in a different “hand” of calligraphy. Then, each page is worked in calligraphy, each in a different hand; the same one as the embroidered letter. I have also rendered each alphabet in calligraphy and have added some additional art work.

Here is a synopsis of the needleart techniques and calligraphy hands that I have used:

Letter Embroidery
N Canvaswork Versal
E Cutwork Carolingian
E Broderie Anglaise Copperplate
D Surface Embroidery Uncial
L Hardanger Roman Capitals
E Pulled Thread Half Uncial
A Assisi Gothic
R Ribbon
T Blackwork Foundational