La Brodeuse

The Embroiderer

La Broderie

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La Brodeuse was inspired by a tapestry in the Cluny Museum in Paris. The central figure is a needlewoman, garbed in fine clothing and busy at her embroidery. Her dress is elegant in a pale coral, with the sleeves embellished with a delicate floral pattern.

Our maiden is seated between a swirling banner proclaiming her preoccupation, and a tree of life on the opposing side. Surrounding all are flowers and small animals, in the mille fleurs style, so characteristic of the finest of tapestries from the medieval times. A multitude of flowers abound, no two alike, and they are primarily based on the stitches of canvas embroidery. The animals include a lamb, a goat, a rabbit, a dog a cat, and several birds.

The small framed embroidery will be worked on 30/in silk gauze, and then appliquéd onto the main canvas with the embroidery stitches of the gown, The background may be left blank or otherwise worked in the Gobelin stitch–so appropriate when effecting a tapestry. It requires 6 skeins of Soie Cristalle.

The entire composition is worked in silk, and stitches taken from both canvaswork stitches, counted thread, and surface embroidery.