Race Driver Santa

Race Driver Santa

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After stitching some commercial kit Santas for various members of my family I realized I needed one for my husband. His lifelong passion has been the automobile, and his current avocation is amateur race driver. So what better than a Race Driver Santa? I purchased a canvas intended for another kind of Santa from Roseann Moss and proceeded to turn it into my own creation.

First I reproduced my husband’s red and grey racing suit, leaving room for the patches which adorn his real suit. These represent the tracks at which he races, and the kind of car he drives. So if you look closely you will see patches from Road America, Lime Rock, Laguna Seca, and Mid-Ohio—all his favorite tracks.

Santa holds a checkered flag, the symbol of racing and a successful finish. At his knee is a tire—the pint of vulnerability in any race car. His helmet is adorned with his name—and his blood type; all racers display these two critical pieces of information, but usually on their suits. And in his hand he holds a miniature race car: is it a collectible, or is it a trophy?

This bit of whimsy was stitched with a great deal of love and not a little bit of research.