Sunflower Santa

Sunflower Santa

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This is the sunniest of Santas, all decked out in the most unusual color for Father Christmas—yellow! Santa clutches a stalk of sunflowers harvested from the fields of Kansas, but even his robe is encrusted with this beautiful bloom. And his stocking hat sports a smaller version of the same blossom. This design was inspired by a visit to view Vincent Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers,” and it was impossible to come away without wanting to include sunflowers in one’s own work.

Sunflowers dominate this design. The largest is composed of a variety of stitches, and its center has both Chinese Knots and Turkey Work. The lesser bloom is all surface embroidery–perfect petals effected with the perfect stitch. And at the hem of his robe a wide border of sunflowers proclaim that Santa too has been bewitched by Van Gogh.

He is worked primarily in Soie d’Alger and Needlepoint Silk with special touches in Silk ‘n’ Ribbons, Mandarin Floss, and shiny Kreinik braids. His robe is an elaborate composite stitch worked in Waterlilies for a variegated effect, but many other threads are involved.

Come create this beautiful icon of Christmas in a new and different way; he will become one of your favorite decorations for years to come. The completed project can be framed or finished as a free-standing figure.

Students should bring: 16″ x 18″ stretcher bars, laying tool of student’s choice, frame weight or table clamp so both hands are free for working, extra #22 & #24 needles, magnets for holding needles, pencil for taking notes. Small box or lid from margarine container for holding beads.

  • Proficiency Level: Intermediate & Up
  • Kit cost: $150