Christmas in the City

Christmas In the City

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Christmas in the City is inspired by the the numerous Christmas  villages so popular with collectors today.  Charming  business establishments line festive city street, and beckon the shopper to come inside to make her Yuletide purchases.  Or…she can indulge in lunch at the tiny French cafe or stop for some quiet time at the city church. 

The towns’ folk have erected a Christmas tree to illuminate the chilly winter day.  Shop windows are decorated for the season with Christmas trees and wreaths and garlands and many glowing candles. Each building is richly adorned with fancy windows and doors, and charming fences and wrought iron work.  Picturesque lamp posts complete this lovely cityscape.

Stitches are chosen to depict the buildings are appropriate both in color and size, and the texture seeks to express bricks and stucco.  Much attention is given to small details which serve to make this a most winsome project.