Morning Glory Santa

Morning Glory Santa

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Morning Glory Santa is a fanciful design offering diverse learning experiences while creating an exquisite Christmas heirloom. Santa strides boldly along, clutching in his hand his shepherd’s crook on which are growing radiant morning glories. The brilliant blue flowers twine up his staff, turning their faces to the daybreak sun. Each is interpreted in the finest of needlework techniques.

Santa’s outer robe is a garment of beauty. The fur edging is worked in uncut turkey work, while the outer robe is a complex pattern involving several discreet stitches, worked in a variety of threads and colors. The inner robe is trimmed in guilloche stitch, to suggest a passamenterie braid, and this is festooned with couched gold and crystal beads. A twisted cord creates a belt–the student will learn to make this is class.

The inside of Santa’s robe has blown open a bit to disclose a magnificent lining: additional morning glories are revealed, all worked in glittering or nué.

The student will learn or nué and soft shading, the construction of a twisted cord, plus several complex canvaswork stitches to create a visual treat and a beloved keepsake holiday decoration.

  • Time: 2 days
  • Proficiency Level: High Intermediate
  • Kit cost: $140
  • Ground Fabric: 18/inch mono canvas