Crux Gemmata

Crux Gemmata

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In Medieval times bishops and other hierarchy of the Catholic Church often wore a large cross called a Crux Gemmata, or jeweled cross. This cross was encrusted with thirteen jewels, one each representing Jesus and the twelve Apostles. But you don’t have to be a bishop, or even Catholic, to have your very own Crux Gemmata.

In my interpretation each member of my family is represented by a stitched version of his or her birth stone. All are worked in either 1/16″ Kreinik Ribbon, or the new Soft Sheen Fyre Werks, and all are either Rhodes or Norwich stitches, in various shapes and sizes.

The cross is outlined with Smyrna Crosses, and after all the gems are stitched, it is filled with Alicia Lace. The family name can be added at the bottom of the design, to make it even more personal.

Students bring their own 1/16″ Kreinik Ribbon or Soft Sheen Fyre Werks, depending on the birthdays in their families (and what’s in their stash). In class we will work with choosing the correct size and shape stitches for each person’s cross, and will analyze the distribution of the colors, which will be different for each person. Diligent stitchers should be able to easily work all their “gems”, and will get a good start on the cross outline.

This makes a unique family memento, very personal and attractive.

  • Time: 1 days
  • Proficiency Level: Low Intermediate and Up
  • Kit cost: $20
  • Ground Fabric: Congress Cloth