Little Windows into my Life

Little Windows into my Life

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Little Windows into my Life was inspired by a line of jewelry called Little Windows, and by a painting in a gallery in Santa Fe that showed various pieces of pottery inside little squares.

Students will choose motifs for inclusion in this piece. Some examples are children, cats, trees, jewelry, travel icons, cars, animals, birds, etc. Students will come to class with ideas, and small drawings or charts for their “windows.” The first morning will be spent organizing each person’s design, so that it is interesting and balanced Windows with nonrepresentational motifs will be filled with canvaswork stitches, and the students will at least begin to choose them at this time. Suggestions will be provided in the student booklet. The teacher will also bring some small drawings for use in class.

The student will also chose among three analogous color schemes: a cool (blue, green & turquoise), warm (orange, red, yellow), or neutral (tans, beiges, browns, etc.) She will bring her own floss to class, and may buy more in the boutique, as the need arises. Sharing will be encouraged.

Little Windows will be a uniquely personal look into each student’s life. Or the stitcher may make this piece for a special person in her life. It will be an easy introduction into small design decisions, and will allow for some relaxed stitching in-between designing.

  • Time: 2 Days
  • Proficiency Level: Intermediate
  • Kit cost: $40
  • Ground Fabric: Congress Cloth