Flower Flutterbye

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Flutterbye is worked completely in blue—blue threads, and blue beads, blue sequins etc. Numerous embroidered flowers fill the butterfly shape, offering the student an opportunity to learn a number of surface embroidery techniques—but on canvas, of course. One flower is executed in stem stitch shading. Another is worked in the very useful needlelace cloth stitch. A third is done in a raised technique borrowed from stumpwork. A fourth is in needleweaving.

Some of the flowers are worked in embroidery/canvaswork stitches such as bullions, cast on bullions, spiders, and ribbon embroidery. The antennae of the butterfly are apanoply of beads, sequins, and flat back gems. The border is a darning pattern, depicting more butterflies.

  • Time: 2 days
  • Proficiency Level:High Intermediate
  • Kit Fee: $120
  • Ground Fabric: Congress Cloth