Tropical Obsession—St. Barths

Tropical Obsession

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St. Barths is an enchanted scrap of real estate, basking in the sun and beckoning to winter-weary northerners. One of its most characteristic features—the simple “casa” or little home of the local resident recalls many happy days spent on this favorite hideaway. The houses are all simple in the tropics, but arrayed in the sunny, light-hearted pastels to reflect the sun, and promote coolness inside. The residents have learned to build their homes with filigree trims: openwork fences and railings, and especially the lacy fretwork, all of which filter the sun, but permit the gentle breezes to drift through the house.

Hibiscus, bougainvillea, and allemanda proliferate, sometimes cultivated by the islander, but more often just planted by God or an errant breeze. Palm trees provide some refreshing shade, but simultaneously advertise that this place is pretty close to paradise.

Tropical Obsession is worked in simple threads, mostly floss, but in exciting, compelling colors. The stitches range from the most basic Gobelin to a challenging needlelace edging. Textured stitches are used to depict the abundant flowers, and the insides of the windows are worked on silk gauze which is then reverse appliqued.