Postcard from Paradise – Beijing

Postcard from Paradise - Beijing

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On a recent trip to China I was intrigued by this small pavilion which is located in the Summer Palace grounds. Yes, other places were grander and more elaborate but this place was so charming. I resolved to add it to my series of small needlework designs called Postcards from Paradise.

The Pavilion of the Eternal Spring is elaborately painted with characteristic Chinese patterns. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens in full bloom. In my composition I have included two of the trees that were so ubiquitous and so eye-catching during our visit: the willow wearing its spring green leaves, and the plum trees laden in showy white blossoms. We were fortunate to visit this attraction on a rare sunny day with a glorious blue sky.

Stitches Include: Basketweave, Alicia Lace, Gobelin, Long Arm Cross, Rhodes, Outline, Encroaching Gobelin, Raised Chain Band, French Knot,Straight Stitches

  • Ground Fabric: Congress Cloth
  • Size of Piece: 4¾x7″