Postcard from Paradise – Mesa Verde

Postcard from Paradise - Mesa Verde

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Mesa Verde is third in a series of my small designs entitled Postcards from Paradise. Mesa Verde, in the southernmost part of Colorado is one of the great American archeological sites; it is a rui, which gives us insight into the life of the ancestral native Americans. They built their homes into the cliffsides, along the canyons of raging rivers, but they were safe from the elements and marauding neighbors, the food supply was abundant, and they seemed to have the time to express their creativity in wonderful masonry, and in their cave art.

My design gives us a little peek at the past and how the ancient ones lived. Viewed from across the canyon it is a ghostly reminder of an earlier time.

Stitches Include: Cashmere Brick, Brick, Woven Plait, Split Gobelin, Criss Cross Hungarian, Lazy Daisy, Whipped Back Stitch, Fan Vaulting, Leaf, Raised Stem Band. the border is Horizontl Milanese whihc gives the appeance of arrowheads.

  • Ground Fabric: Congress Cloth
  • Size of Piece: 7×5½”