Postcard from Paradise – San Miguel de Allende

Postcard from Paradise - San Miguel de Allende

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Another Postcard from Paradise; this time it is San Miguel de Allende, a charming town in central Mexico. This town northwest of Mexico City is a spot attractive to Americans and Canadians; those who can get away from the northern climes spend time there to partake in its language school, its art classes, and the beauty of the countryside. San Miguel is famous for its art and wonderful Mexican made furnishings, and for its true Mexican cuisine.

I loved its ubiquitous fountains, and chose to depict one particularly grand example in my design. Also visible is the tower of the town’s church. It’s designer had seen postcards of the great Gothic cathedrals of Europe and was determined that San Miguel would have such a church. He daily drew his plans in the earth so the workers would know what to do.

San Miguel has charming cupolas all about town, and radiant flowers are everywhere.

Stitches Include: Basketweave, Encroaching Gobelin, Woven Plait, Split Gobelin, French Knots, Chinese Knots, Criss Cross Hungarian, Woven Cross, Bokhara couching. The border is a pattern I named Royal York, as I discovered it in the tiles in the foyer of the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. I used it for this design because San Miguel is full of glorious Mexican tiles on surfces all over town.

  • Ground Fabric: Congress Cloth
  • Size of Piece: 6½ x 4¾”